Brand is an emotion

People make irrational choices as the heart is more powerful than the mind. Getting just a good product or service is not sufficient for a customer – but the emotions triggered by your product do matter. It is not possible to create a good brand relying on only rational features of a product.

Brand is a margin

This is what a customer is ready to pay more for. Brand creation does not fall under operational expenses. This is an investment that is part of intangible assets of a company. We are focused on creating the brand constants that would not change for ten years.

Brand is the soul of business

We believe in the integrity when a brand determines a company becoming its emotional driver for development, not lives separately from it. A brand unites everything about itself: a corporate culture, products, communication, design, office, sales options, etc. All values and ideas incorporated by the brand are followed by real changes in a product and the company.

Brands for the new economy

We know how a customer, his purchase criteria and even life criteria change over time. A brand becomes more important than a product. The one that a person feels determines his choice a way more than product facts. Today you cannot work through one communication channel only. A person evaluates the entire purchase experience. So we create an integrated world of the brand.


We develop a brand consistently based on clearly defined algorithms. We know when and what projects we should implement; how to do this efficiently; and what challenges we may face. Our methodology is based on our hands-on experience for launching brands in CIS.

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Strategy = Idea

We believe in uniqueness and simplicity. Very often, there are no ideas in strategies. A plethora of pages, diagrams, missions and visions describing a strategy cannot answer the question “Why are you unique?” When developing a strategy, we first analyze as more information as possible, to find a simple, yet universal idea, around which the brand would be built up. We believe that a good strategy for any brand consists of a single word. All other aspects enveloping the strategy are designed to amplify and unfold the idea.

Project structure


The questions you are surely to be asked at our initial meeting

  • What is your point of difference?
  • Can you express the core of your brand using a single word?
  • What is your strategy’s idea? Can you express your strategy in a single tweet?
  • What criteria do you apply for a consumer segmentation? Do you segment people by the way they think? Can you describe your target audience without using the words “sex”, “age” or “income”?
  • What insights you make use of?
  • Are there top 5 (top 7) facts (figures) describing a unique nature of your product and making customers buy it?
  • Have you determined the emotional values of your brand (the feelings triggered by the brand when a consumer interacts with it)?
  • Have you determined the brand’s values (the things you believe in, struggle with or promote)?
  • Have you determined key touchpoints and wow-effect triggers as part of a customer brand experience?
  • Have you laid down your marketing aims, both qualitative and quantitative?
  • Is there an understanding of what your brand and your company should do this month / the following year / in 3-5 years?
  • What performance indicators for your knowledge, customer loyalty and sales volumes you have achieved?
  • Describe your sales funnel.
  • Do you understand where your customers come to you from and where they leave to?