Brand is a media

Regardless of its category and coverage. It is in the air 24/7. A brand is another source of information, and the requirements to its content quality are higher than ever before. A communication campaign is to involve and awake interest, not just inform. We create brand content for key customer touchpoints.

Integrated informational eco-system of the brand

All communication channels and forms are mixed. The border between a content creator and consumer, call-to-action and storytelling, HR and PR, direct ads and social media is erased. We develop comprehensive 360° systems and fill them up with content.

Video is a top-priority data carrier

An impressive expertise in creating of efficient TV commercials

We exercise an all-over control throughout the production process; we come up with ideas, look for contractors and implement an author’s supervision. We can co-operate with film directors from all over the world.

Video ≠ TV

We do not consider a footage as just a 30-second video clip for television. Video is the best container for delivering information. That’s why we create animated presentations, video guides and even video decorations for rock shows.

Author’s supervision and contractor management

When we have to organize a comprehensive campaign, we come up with ideas and enter into agreements with third-party contractors to put our ideas in place joining media, PR, digital, promo and activation. We consider our job to be completed after video tapes are delivered to TV channels, layouts are printed, and websites are operating.


The World in the Box Client: Nova Poshta

We had to spread the word about the Nova Poshta’s refurbished identity and launch its first image campaign. We explored the renewed Nova Poshta in a far-reaching campaign The World in the Box. This comprehensive communication conveyed a simple idea: We deliver everything. For the purpose of telling that effectively, we designed an extremely brief TV commercial dramatically different from all the other ads.

There is only you Client: Silenza

Based on a small manufacturer of Silenza, which has existed for many years in Italy, we have built a true Italian brand. In fact, we restarted it – with a new positioning, fresh communication strategy and completely new visual identity. Special attention was paid to implementation of the philosophy of the brand in interior solutions, that’s why we closely worked with designers and architects.

Daddy can! Client: Ostankino

In 2012, we launched a powerful communication “Daddy Can!” under the Ostankino umbrella. Our first TV commercial about father who made a sandwich for school showed that father is head of family, and Ostankino is master of meat. For a few months of its broadcasting, the footage literally became a meme. In total, the campaign “Daddy Can!” comprises nine video commercials, a new Ostankino website, and an idea of celebrating the Father Day every year, in June. So, what they have as a result was the sales growth up to a full utilization of production capacity, good standing in families and market leadership.

As OLX brand owner, Naspers Co. opted to change all local brand names throughout the world to a joint portal name. Therefore, the company needed to tell users about the new brand. At that, Slando had managed to reach fantastic awareness among consumers enjoying their perfect loyalty. Thus, we had to keep the great performance and speak about Slando renaming to OLX. Humorous undertone help us to figure out our approach to the challenge. If OLX could not be Slando any more, it was just as well. We delivered that very message through a great number of short videos. After repeating the information time and time again, people finally got used to the point that Slando became OLX, which did not pose a threat to the brand’s integrity. The campaign caused website users number to go up, which is a great indicator for a rebranding campaign.

Cherish the Good Client: Oschadbank

One important, even crucially determinative, was the do away with conventional ads and stick to documentaries. That meant doing away with actors, expensive sets, foreign directors and Hollywood budgets for all bank footages. Real people in a real life only. That manner of communication did work, since the two-episode communication “Cherish the Good” promoting a specific deposit generated the income of over 6 billion UAH in one month.

2015 has brought us a palette of dramatic events, among them was a significant growth of utility rates. It should become most sensible at the beginning of the heating season this autumn. So in October 2014, the government launched a program for indemnifying a portion of loans for heat insulation. In June 2015, the list of equipment and materials covered by the credit program was greatly expanded. Our task was to spread the word about the necessity and economic practicability of performing a complex insulation for apartment buildings. The idea was to create a vibrant social appetizer preceding a long-term promotion campaign for the development of energy efficiency and energy independence in Ukraine.

Shoes on Client: Helen Marlen

Shoes are a real passion. This is a point of entry into the world of luxury. A pair of decent shoes opens up the door to the Helen Martin fashion world. To deliver the positioning, we created the SHOES ON advertising campaign. It might seem to focus on perfect bodies of athletes, but on taking a closer look it became clear that the most interesting thing was below their ankles

We garnered support from local authorities that permitted to place boards and city lights with the new identity, free-of-charge. The zoo used cartoon characters to invite Kievans and city guests for 2015 spring season opening. As soon as days got warmer, city streets were decorated with cartoon animals drawn by a Kharkiv artist Marichka Ruban. No ad slogans were used — only verses! Actually, this was the first Kyiv Zoo communication ever, and the public was deeply impressed. Since the end of April, people who wanted to see animals has crowded at the Zoo entrance, and the number of visitors might excite envy even in animal right advocates’ manifestations.

Sollers Eyecare Client: Sollers

Group of ophthalmologists, with fifteen years experience of active cooperation with industry professionals was founded Azerbaijani-German company which provides a full range of professional services and products. In fact, the company helps to build a professional medical authority of doctor: creates unique products which made in Europe by international standards. Our task was to create a coherent system for the brand in the market of B2B. We have developed a brand strategy, name Sollers Eye Care, established a system of visual identity, created animated video presentation and interactive website.

Install the silence Client: SLAMSTOP

In 2012, a big investment fund started cooperation with a Russian inventor of door closers for all car classes. But beside the door closer and the ambition to conquer 15 markets, the company found itself not ready for rollout. We created a unique brand from scratch.

The questions you are surely to be asked at our initial meeting

  • Do you have a creative and communication platform to deliver your brand’s positioning, or you implement only tactical ad campaigns?
  • How straightforward your creative platform idea is? Can you describe it with just one or two words?
  • How coherent you style of communication is?
  • What features can help one understand that the communication comes from your company, without seeing your logo?
  • How consistent your communication is? Do you fall back on the communication on a regular basis or when your sales go down?
  • What contributes to the efficiency of your communications? Do you focus on coverage, frequency, USP or emotions?
  • Which communication channels do you prefer?
  • Have you determined key touchpoints and wow-effect triggers as part of a customer brand experience? Have you created the brand-specific content for them?