We are in design for over 10 years

In 2004, we established Karandash, one of Ukraine’s first design companies. We enriched the country with world standards and showed the way minimalism and functionality express themselves in a design. In 2011, Karandash was transformed into a design department at FEDORIV.

Today, it comprises 11 experts headed by Vitaliy Parfiliyev.

is just a start

The logo is a starting point in your corporate identity. We develop its fonts and additional graphical elements.

But along with the logo, we immediately start building identity systems where all style components will be interacting to create a single whole.

is simplification

We believe it is better to have a simple solution and an unbelievable implementation of it, rather than having a complicated solution and a bad implementation.

We create integrated
identity systems

We have done away with separate logos or specific style elements, and shifted to a comprehensive world of the brand, and to an integrated customer’s experience.

Once having the system developed, you will hardly ask us how to make a layout and what materials to use; or what a sign should look like; or how to get up a booklet.

We create real things,
not concepts only

Our author’s supervision over the production lasts until all the system has worked properly in practice.

We believe in technologies, not ideas only. We have a specialized production management focused on the production of pilot samples to materialize our ideas. After that we create guidelines for you to run the technology into production by yourself.

A screen is not to get ignored

Computers and smartphones has become an integral attribute of our lives. We test any design solution under development for its good performance in a virtual environment: what a website, smartphone application or icon will look like; hot to animate a logo; is it possible to interact with the logo, etc.

Globally recognized design

We stand for uniqueness, symbolism, simplicity, functionality and integrity


German Motor Oils

Klitschko Foundation

Charity Foudation

Three focus areas


Identity system

We create the entire world of the brand, from a symbol and color to office architecture and packing materials



We believe in functionality, so we think over visuals and the industrial design



Some companies want to see some piece of design truly unique, e.g., an annual report, a CD sleeve, a gift-book or just a poster. We treat these minor tasks as dedicated projects.


A design-blog of our chief designer where he publishes pieces of design he considers to be worth attention.

Featured projects


Can we order design in your company, but the brand strategy will be made by ourselves?

Sure, you can.

I need a logo, a sign and a brandbook. That’s all.

We do more than just drawing logos. We create integrated visual identity systems that describe the way you should deal with different formats.

Once having the system developed, you will hardly ask us how to make a layout and what materials to use; or what a sign should look like; or how to get up a booklet.

A branded style used to be represented by a single logo placed somewhere on top or on the left. Today, it is vital that all visual manifestations of a brand to be in compliance with a system. A customer interacting with any element of the brand must understand that the element makes part of a specific brand (even if a customer does not see a logo).

You have not dealt with my category in the past

Before proceeding to design, we take a plunge into the category and perform a design audit to identify current trends and stereotypes, as well as to analyze a visual environment the brand will circulate in.

Furthermore, we have a detailed briefing stage. We opt to obtain as more input data as possible, before beginning to work over your assignment.

What to do if I come to dislike your solution?

Primarily, we offer two iterations. Then, we revamp a brief and tune the solutions we have submitted to you for the first time.

We submit at least 2 diversified options to pick from. In some cases we offer more.

At the briefing stage, we have an in-depth discussion on what tasks a customer wants to have solved, and whether a customer has some preferences, etc. We ask our customers to be sincere so that we can bring any required changes into the project at each stage.

The questions you are surely to be asked at our initial meeting

  • Do you have a brandbook?
  • Do you have a visual identity system or you have a logo only? Can one recognize your brand without looking at the logo?
  • Do your communication and design materials look uniformly or differently if taken as a whole?
  • How is your design adapted to fit various screen resolutions? Do you have an animated logo?
  • Do you have a unique sign you can monopolize?
  • How impressive does your design look like, as compared with global brands in your industry?