Kyiv Post presents Straight Talk an exclusive and hard hitting series of events in cooperation with Redcliffe Partners and Fedoriv Hub

Working language: English

Kyiv Post is proud to introduce an exclusive and hard hitting series of events that features a 90 minutes of engaging discussions and questions with direct and to the point answers.

The third Straight Talk session entitled “MADE IN UKRAINE: Does it Attract Investments?” will focus on the core challenges of promoting Ukrainian products globally and attracting investments.

MADE IN UKRAINE: Does it Attract Investments?

Recent free trade deals with the European Union and Canada have been positioned as a new era of possibilities for Ukraine’s economy. While this means that Ukraine has the potential to do more business internationally, can it attract actual investors to establish their businesses in Ukraine?

In this edition of Straight Talk, we will ask the hard questions that need to be addressed such as:

– Can Ukraine truly compete in attracting investors considering all the barriers and complexities that still have not been solved?

– Why would international players want to come and invest in Ukraine considering the high risk yet the potential for high rewards versus other countries with better and more secure investment climates?

– What can we do to brand the image of Ukraine to deliver a stronger sense of security? Should we be frank about the matter and not sugar coat it? Should we use our realities as our strengths?

– Are we on the right path and what is our prognosis for actual future growth and investments?

– What are the top dos and don’ts of promoting a Ukrainian product in the world

MADE IN UKRAINE: Does it Attract Investments? Straight Talk is sure to be a direct and concise conversation that is guaranteed to ignite differences of opinions and get the audience engaged so that we may move constructively forward to a better brand that is called Ukraine!