Leonid Parfyonov’s tour with the debut of the second documentary that is part of the Russian Jews trilogy. 

What is better than viewing a documentary about your national history? Only its first show presented in your city by the author himself. In June this year, Leonid will travel across Ukraine with the first public presentation of the film named Russian Jews. Episode Two. 1918-1948.

Centuries-long oppressions and the energy accumulated by young Jews in the Pale in Imperial Russia swept into unprecedented careers in the post-revolution time. Since 1918 till 1948, the global history saw a stunning and massive participation of Jews in all fields of politics and culture. The names of Leon Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Marc Chagall as well as Isaac Babel, Leonid Utyosov and Lilya Brik, to name but a few, are familiar to everyone since childhood. It was Russians or Jews who were key persons in the capital and region-wide, and each of them built the Soviet Union, changed history and laid foundation of our modern times. Stories and fates in the Russian Jews. Episode Two. 1918-1948 documentary bedazzle and even change the way we see the world. 

The film is created under the auspices of Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Nowhere else in the world were Jews so crucial in building the future. Today it affects everyone.