Special purpose department

Assigning a name is the most challenging step in a project, as the name stands with the brand for good. Design and communications may be modified one day, but the name is changed at the end of the line. We have a specialized department focused on creating a name. Naming comes a result of deep analysis and research.

More of an answer than of a question

We like powerful and emotional names. These that are easily memorized. We stand against an attributive naming when a brand’s name somehow describes a category or a product. This approach lacks emotions, and it adds nothing to the brand. Yet, naming is an equally important branding tool as design or communication. The name should deliver an emotion encapsulated in a brand.


Having a website is a necessity, not a desire. If there is no proper domain name available, the brand’s name cannot be rolled out, so we keep on working.

Patent registration is a must

Today there are 30 million trademarks. This figure goes up by one million every year. We always conduct a patent examination and follow up registration procedures.



Can we order naming in your company, but the brand strategy will be made by ourselves?

Sure, you can.

What we get ordering naming in our company?

You get:

  • The name that can be registered as a trademark. This means that naming is not considered to be completed after you have picked a suitable name in our presentation. Naming is considered to be finalized after a preliminary patent examination, and when a patent agent verifies information and ensures that the trademark registration will be free of any problems.
  • Available domain name that fits the name you have chosen.
  • A descriptor that describes briefly what your trademark offers to a consumer.

The first stage in your Naming service is the name audit for your industry. Can you start naming without an audit to make your job cheaper for me?

No, we cannot. The name audit for your industry is an integral part of the procedures. A name is not taken at random. We need to see the existing names to understand which trademarks a customer would compare your brand with, consciously or not. What’s more, it will be a way easier for you to evaluate and pick a name when knowing the names of your local and global competitors, and why they are named as they are.

Can I register a trademark for one country, and after a while do the same for other countries

Yes, you can. But if you plan to roll out your product on other markets in subsequent 2–4 years, we recommend you to conduct a patent examination covering the countries you would work in.

The questions you are surely to be asked at our initial meeting

  • Do you have a registered company name?
  • What web domain do you use for your company?
  • Is the name of a descriptive nature (highlighting some features of your industry, a purpose of your company, etc.)? E.g., your bank is named “... Bank”, or your cafe is named “... Cafe”.
  • Is the name memorisable (the one that gets etched in your memory)?
  • Does it represent the emotions embedded in the brand?
  • Does the name trigger emotions on its own? Is it used as a branding tool?
  • Does the name arise questions like “I wonder why the company is named like this” or is it fully transparent (“Well, everything is clear about the name”)?
  • Does it stand out from competitor names? In what way?