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Oschadbank is the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, employing 35 thousand people. Each Ukrainian citizen is its stockholder, as a matter of fact. In a volatile economic environment, Oschadbank is the only financial institution that provides 100-percent state-insured savings.
The bank started to change by implementing cutting-edge technologies and opening innovative branches. However, its image was strongly affected by Soviet past. Moreover, top managers were reproached for allegedly inexpedient expenses in hard times of the raging war on Ukrainian East. So, the bank needed to justify a critical necessity of those internal changes and get the whole country involved.



We created a positioning based on a simple strategic statement “Bank is the country”. We realized that a state-owned bank could not use the language of big-budget commercials and expensive posters. Our main challenge was to remove all the extraneous stuff and open up to people. We cleaned up bank visual identity, did away with the percent sign styled from a small oak tree, and left the logo with neat lettering only, adding a key descriptor there – My bank. My country. We added yellow brightness to traditional deep green built-into Oschadbank identity, and, as a matter of fact, the underlying logo story is that it is just a green-filtered Ukrainian national flag. We made a unified financial menu to replace a of host handouts scattered all over the branches. We also launched the Oschadbank.tv channel on YouTube to account regularly to bank’s stockholders and depositors.

“Cherish the Good”

Advertising Campaign. Spring-Summer 2015

One important, even crucially determinative, was the do away with conventional ads and stick to documentaries. That meant doing away with actors, expensive sets, foreign directors and Hollywood budgets for all bank footages. Real people in a real life only. That manner of communication did work, since the two-episode communication “Cherish the Good” promoting a specific deposit generated the income of over 6 billion UAH in one month. Simultaneously, a big interactive project “Hopeful Eggies” from Oschadbank, timed to coincide with Easter holidays, hit Ukrainian Internet.

On all central TV-channels, throughout the network of our offices we begin to communicate with people by the language of values – simple, understandable and close to everyone

“Warm Embrace”

Advertising Campaign. Winter 2015-2016

At the end of November 2015, Oschadbank rolled out a new deposit program. Its duration was limited to wintertime only, so we have added warmth coming up with the “Warm Embrace” name. We developed a set of protagonists for world’s warmest leaflets, with separate versions for adults and children. Yet they did not contain any age limit marks so that people could pick a warm leaflet by themselves. Posters featuring a bear, fox and raccoon hit the streets of Ukrainian cities and towns urging everyone to “open their arms for a hug”. In dozens of bank branches, big bears were taken at unawares hugging happy bank visitors. Furthermore, bears, foxes and raccoons have been assisting Oschadbank operators in their daily rigors since the beginning of December 2015.

Interior solution for the corporate café

Artist: Lera Lyashenko

“Oschadbank 24/7 & vareniki”

Advertising Campaign. Autumn 2016

There is no doubt the world has changed dramatically. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow but tomorrow is in our hands. The new campaign of Oshchadbank is all about this. So let’s explore new technologies and take care of our families to make our tomorrow great!