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Heart of business of Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Salutaris is laboratory which specializing in the development of new drugs and components. Her latest developments has great demand on the corporate pharmaceutical market. The company has always worked as a quality supplier of innovative solutions for other businesses and never developed its own brand. So, we had two problems. First, the rebranding of the company and its active positioning on B2B market as a partner for large pharmaceutical companies. Secondly, launching its own line of drugs with powerful emphasis on cardiovascular drugs.


We developed the name and Salutaris line titles for individual products. In addition, we have established a complete system of visual identity — both for the brand as a whole and for each drug.

When I worked in the Kyiv City State Administration, Fedoriv was developing the tourism logo for Kyiv. He offered not just picture but the whole philosophy. I understood that work with Andrey and his team would lead to success.
  • Alexandr Koval
  • Director of Salutaris company


We had a task to create a packaging for a budget-friendly OTC drug and keep the positioning of Salutaris. The drug is made of natural botanical ingredients, so we decided to base the design on water-color sketches of herbs. Besides, we have added a hologram to the visual language with a purpose of accentuating a genuine nature of the ingredients.