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Smarty.Sale is a cashback service that returns a percentage of the amount of purchases made in online stores. Smarty cooperates with such giants as AliExpress, eBay, ASOS and, with the largest Ukrainian retailers Rozetka, Lamoda, Allo, Comfy and hundreds of other online stores worldwide. Nevertheless all this passed by millions of Ukrainian shoppers, because they simply did not know about the service.


Spending money is a pleasure. Spending a lot of money is very pleasant until you feel guilty. The most pleasant thing is to spend a lot of money, and then find out that some of it will be returned to you. We have built communication around what is so unfamiliar to Ukrainians: when you receive more than you expect. No matter what your guilty pleasure is—make-up, apparel, travels, or even bathtub ducks—with Smarty shopping brings much more fun.