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We create. We believe in the power of creativity and business. Whatever you want to create: opening a retail space, designing a rock show, building a residential quarter, writing a book, rebranding a state-owned bank, rolling out a new car accessories brand, publishing a magazine, releasing a collection of clothes, or constructing a multimedia hub. We seek to create, to create whatever.


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We are fully responsible for every aspect of a brand

Our company is managed by а group of Partners who are directly responsible for every project. We’ve introduced a modern management structure that allows us to create and manage flexible teams.

Major benefits

responsibility in dedication

diving deep into our clients’ business over the years

high performance

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We work in three main areas: Marketing, Creativity, and Technology

A brand is an integrated and unique system.

Brand creation is a business investment.

We see things from the owner-perspective as well as with respect to investment return.

We focus on comprehensive solutions.

These include the development of strategy, design and communication by the same team under the same roof.

The Brand is the Soul of Business: Unique methodology for creating and managing brands

The Brand is the Soul of Business is a step-by-step algorithm and a toolkit enabling you to shift from scattershot ad campaigns to consistent brand management, to encourage employees and to skyrocket growth.

This methodology is based on our hands-on experience in CIS countries and an analysis of our brand projects launched under strict financial and deadline conditions, including local adjustment of international practices.

This methodology works regardless of type or scope of business and whatever market a company operates in.

Our clients

Company owners, founders, businessmen — doers. We call them FATHERs. They are the people who create the world. They are wise, courageous and powerful. These are the charismatic leaders who have a passion for what they do — and then try to move beyond it.

We cooperate with famous brands such as sector leaders, rock stars, sports stars, state corporations and administrations. We’ve partnered most of them for many years.


Business needs energy to grow. A boost of inspiration and feeling is sometimes more important than knowledge. Only people with fire in their eyes can get ahead and create new things.

We are interested in everything that lies at the intersection of business and creativity. We perform, moderate, organize forums and conferences. We invite speakers from all over the globe, hold private workshops for our customers and partners.

We do boost!

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