We create and manage brands

FEDORIV — branding agency.

We see things from the owner-perspective as well
as with respect to investment return.

We are the guiding responsible center for everything
that happens with the brand. We think in frames of long-term comprehensive solutions.

Our products


New brand

Communication campaign


Brand management

Special practices

Education and inspiration
Brand content

50 exceptional full-time professionals

10 years of common experience of the core team

10-year specialized practice of each leader

Being motivated due to a system of partnership and results-focus

Virtual Office — IT system that optimizes all kinds of communication processes inside and outside the company

We merged the business and creativity

Financiers, marketers, analysts and strategists team up with artists, motion- and graphic designers, copywriters and architects. Formal brand strategy never concludes our work. We don’t only analyze. We invent and implement. We are practitioners rather than theoreticians. Along with drawing inferences, we offer solutions and we are ready to make them true.

Our clients

We are working with the most prominent brands – leaders of the categories, rock and sport stars, national corporations and government organizations. Most of our customers become our partners for many years.

We specialize in:
Retail, FMCG, Real Estate

Directions are led by highly experienced professionals having years of background in implementing complex projects in respective categories.

We owe exclusive methodology to create and manage brands

Brand — soul of the business

Step-by-step algorithm and tool-set for getting away from spontaneous campaigns toward systematic brand management, employees motivation and growth provoking

Successful company is powered by one person
Leader. Entrepreneur. Founder
We call him FATHER
His charisma lights everyone
His energy pulls the future
His values transform the reality
We are their partners
By merging business and creativity,
We create unique brand
It changes company and the world itself

For the last year our product category dropped by 7%, but we grew by 25%. We believe this happened thanks to the marketing abilities of FEDORIV.

Sergey Popov,
Co-owner and Commercial Director of the largest meat-processing plant Ostankino in Russia

During the period from August to December 2013 sales of Galicia juices increased seven fold

Taras Barshchovskiy,
Owner of the enterprise Yabluneviy Dar about the Galicia brand

I looked for a long time to find the artists and producers who could implement my idea — to leave the traditional Rock'n'Roll format, its hard beat and dynamic, and instead tell the story of XXI century makind. Such remarkable people were found in Kyiv. I am happy to report that everything is perfect in Ukraine regarding charisma and brains.

Yuriy Shevchuk, DDT music band, "Inache" Show

Design Thinking

Design is one of the most powerful branding tools. For over 10 years, we do more than simply draw logos. We create visual identity systems. 

Video is the master of media

We are profound at classic TV commercials for direct advertising, as well as at video presentations, animations and interactive content.

Social responsibility


Reading and knowledge


Creative Economy


Territory Development


Office – Hub

We transform standards and pull the future. That is why we built multimedia hub, which is creative economy space at the very heart of the city. We invite world speakers – to share their voice on business and creativity.



Andriy Fedoriv

Founder and chief methodology architect
«Trace in advertising» youngest winner (2007)
Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition

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