Unique methodology how to create
and manage brands

The original course for business owners by Andriy Fedoriv

A brand is an intangible asset and a key driver for business growth. Companies grounded on the values of their brand are more powerful and income-generating than impersonal corporations.«The Brand is the soul of business» is a step-by-step algorithm and a toolkit for business owners enabling them to:

  • - shift from scattershot ad campaigns to a consistent business management
  • - encourage employees
  • - skyrocket growth
The workshop is based on a sixteen-year hands-on experience in post-Soviet states and the analysis of own brand launching projects. The projects were created under harsh conditions of money and time issues, where international practices required local adjustments. The workshop has been established for business owners by a business owner. It continues the training courses «Do it now» and «Strategy=Idea»


1. Introduction. Why what is right is wrong.

2. Strategy. How to defeat the monkey with one word.

  • Five reasons for a business owner to be a marketing expert.
  • Strategy=idea. Developing a brand and business strategy in the global world.
  • 5 levels of brand uniqueness.
  • Homework. Evidence. Staff. And social changes.

3. Consumer. The truth of life and emotional addiction.

  • What should and shouldn’t you know about the market and consumers?
  • Working with internal and external information.
  • Dive deeply, or where’s his switch?
  • Not everything — not for everyone. Segmentation types and tools.
  • Why are people into pop and the yellow press?

4. In fact, there’s no in fact whatsoever.

  • Why shouldn’t you start home construction with a foundation?
  • Brand propeller as the main branding tool.
  • 14 ready-made brand strategies.
  • Typical brand mistakes.

5. Design. Evolution means simplification.

  • The most self-sufficient marketing tool.
  • Monopolization of symbols. Fight for circles and squares.
  • Identification instead of identity.
  • Affecting all the senses.

6. Communication. Epoch of transparent walls.

  • Why does no one need us?
  • Magical formula of effective communication — push or risk?
  • MIX: classical communication tools, digital ones and other stuff from the future
  • Checklists: how to avoid big mistakes through simple checks.

7. Organization of work. Grand battle for the margin.

  • Power of figures.
  • Three fundamental brand indicators.
  • Five approaches to budgeting. KPI.
  • How can a business owner manage their brand without spending more than 8 hours per wholesale nfl jerseys month?

Afterwords. Brand is the soulf of business.

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