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For clients that have a clear brief and understanding of strategic and tactical goals, we create and develop communication campaigns and act as a creative partner.


These tend to be more comprehensive and complex projects involving market and consumer studies, formulating marketing strategy, creating brand design, communication strategy and developing campaigns. Projects of this nature usually last from six to nine months.


Some of our clients entrust us with their ongoing brand management and overseeing brand-inspired change and innovation programmes. We act as long-term partners and get involved in solving complex problems such as, for example, designing retail and service models, complete rebuilding of marketing communications and revamping the brand experience. These kinds of programmes bring about fundamental and long-lasting changes for businesses.


We help our clients create new products and services using the Customer Development methodology—a customer-centric product creation model that puts customers and their needs at the centre of business models.


We like working directly with brand owners (we call them ‘fathers’) – people who were either directly involved with the creation of the brand and/or have a direct influence on its future.

We don’t participate in tenders: we do not believe in price competition and selling standard products.

Our ‘product’ is a fusion of business consulting, full-service marketing expertise, and creative skills which can be combined and deployed depending on the specific situation.