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One thing about life is that, between work, home, and the daily grind, you always long for something unusually exciting. And that’s when bodo comes into your life with its ‘experiences as a gift’ approach. To prove the unusual powers of bodo gifts, we filmed this ad spot. And, well, seems like it turned out quite unusual!


CEO — Vitaliy Drozd

PR director — Anastasiya Antonova

product director — Kseniia Hryshkova


director — Roman Zhirnykh

DoP — Evgeniy Gubrenko

executive producer — Vlad Bolelov

producer — Nastya Ivashchuk

producer assistant — Alexandra Kuvshinova

production assistant — Daria Uperenko

biding producer — Violetta Filenko

director scout — Sasha Kryshtal

production manager — Anton Chernikov

casting — Roma Zavertanyi

casting assistant — Lena Nguyen

head of art department — Alexey Velichko

art department — Vlad Timcheko

gaffer — Evgeny Malik

focus puller — Ilya Vartyvanov

playback — Alexey Deynega

style — Asya Sutyagina

MUA — Natalya Esmurzeeva

sound — Propeller Studios

post-production — CoffeePost