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Computools was founded in Zaporizhzhia in 2013. With more than eight years in the IT market, they have partnered with major companies in retail, finance, healthcare, consumer services, and more. Computools is trusted by IBM, Visa, Bombardier, Dior, British Council, Epson, BuzzFeed, and many other well-known brands.

Since 2020 Fedoriv and Computools have partnered to implement a new strategy, rebrand the design system, and overhaul the website. Our integrated approach and the proactivity of the Computools team delivered impressive results. The company’s revenue doubled, while the number of leads and their quality increased by a quarter.

The next step is communication. 

The strategy is a foundation anchored by the brand’s positioning. Computools aims to be as systematic as possible. They have everything under control and will never surprise you in a bad way. Products are delivered in time with every detail being structured and clear. That’s how we determined the brand’s role in the clients’ lives — a Swiss watch, precise, reliable, and practical. An ideal tool for business.

We thought and imagined how exactly Computools works. To provide effective results, they completely immerse themselves into every business they partner with. And that's how the idea for the video came about. To make a product for a banker, you have to think like a banker. To make a product for a retailer, you have to think like a retailer. And so on.

We made the main video about the brand and four more about each of the industries in which Computools offers solutions.

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