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One day we decided to create a world. And what is crucial to the world? Nirvana, Shakespeare, Mad Max, Rolling Stones, yellow submarine, clockwork cats… And, let’s be honest, Nova Poshta. This is how Volodymyr Popereshniuk and Viacheslav Klymov appeared in the video, and the Nova Poshta world along with them.

Twenty years of the company history in 59 seconds, how one should fit it all in? It’s a hard task, but who likes easy ones here. Moreover, some people were a big help for us. So, along with the full version, we've got TikToks, Instagram Stories, versions for TV spots and so on.

Between working on projects for DakhaBrakha and TNMK and receiving the Best Animated Short Film award, director Sashko Danylenko drew, supervised, inspired, and drew again. Moonhausen Studio created perfect dragons, actors, unicorns, and drones. Brunettes Shoot Blondes remixed their own track, which could have become a major dance hit of this summer if it weren’t the sixth of August.

And... and... it’s like an Oscar speech now. So, thank you, Mom, Dad, and everyone who supported us. 

Please give a warm welcome to the Nova Poshta history in commemoration of its birthday.