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The Globino team approached us. They said, “We want to take the lead in the sausage market”. And we replied, ‘Say no more! No, wait, tell us everything about your product and market…’

Having analyzed their market and competition, as well as surveyed consumers, we saw that it was worthwhile to build communication around a flagship product line: highest-grade sausages made according to a special recipe and without casing. But first, we had to create that product line.

We started with the name, looking for a word that would make us stand out among the Vienna and Braunschweig sausages while remaining cute and somewhat funny. Then, design followed. It had to be noticeable but ‘food-ish’, because it's food, and the packaging needs to impart a mouth-watering look to it. Several meat SKUs followed — pork, chicken, veal, and turkey — and that was it. This is how the Nyamski sausages came to be. It may look like a traditionally sausage-ish naming in Ukraine at first sight, yet it's not.

While working on it, we kept surveying consumers. We found out that people ate sausages as a family, but that it’s mostly mums who bought them. Sausages can be a lifesaver in all kinds of situations: when you've just got home from work and are too tired to cook; when you have to get up early and need to make breakfast for the entire family; and when it's Saturday already, and you need to rest after a hard work week! More importantly, with sausages in the fridge, mums can rest assured that no one will go hungry. That’s when it dawned on us: Globino's grand mission is to serve mums! And so we made it into a slogan.

You know what it’s like when you start washing the dishes and get so carried away that you end up cleaning the entire kitchen? This was the case with the Globino project, too: we started with Nyamski but ended up re-branding all Globino's product lines for brand consistency. And now the new packaging will gradually make its way onto the shelves.

And then it was just, ‘Did a good job? Show it.’ So we launched communication with Nyamski (which still sounds so funny and makes us smile) and even wrote a delicate lyric to praise all the mums out there, which Potap performed to the music by MOZGI Studio. Check it out for yourself:

The YouTube users will enjoy our six-second bumper ads:

And all the others — our key visuals:

Project team.


Oleksii Potapenko—MOZGI GROUP CEO, MOZGI Entertainment Co-producer

Iryna Horova—MOZGI GROUP CEO, MOZGI Entertainment Co-producer

Volodymyr Kaharlyk—COO MOZGI Studio

Maryna Zubenko—MOZGI Entertainment PR Director

Mariia Khyzhniak—MOZGI Entertainment PR Manager

Anastasiia Kuznetsova—MOZGI GROUP Account Director


Yevheii Hozheishyi—Director

Denys Lushchyk—Director of Photography

Vlad Bolielov—Executive Producer

Dariia Ivashchiuk—Producer

Mykola Perestiuk—Co-director

Roman Zavertanyi—Casting Manager

Olena Nguyen—Casting Assistant

Olena Yemelianova—Art Director


Maryna Zhylova—Makeup Artist

Natasha Zubenko—Food Stylist

Valerii Butkov—Gaffer

Illia Vartanian—Focus Puller

Ruslan Vitkovskyi—Camera Mechanic

Oleksandr Pustarnakov—Sound Designer

CoffeePost Studio—Post-production