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4 October is World Animal Day. We launched this project together with Happy Paw to remind everyone just how important it is to care about animals every day of the year and why one should have no fears about adopting an adult animal from the shelter.

So that more people discover how great the adult animals are, we wrote a song, made a video, and created a whole lot of posters (one poster for each advantage of adopting an adult animal). If you work in a small-to-large business, please, hang our poster in your office, shop or café and share it on social media. You can even add your own branding to it! For more details, visit

Adult animals are cool. 🐕🐈 Their character has already been formed, and they are through with their ‘teen crises’. An adult cat won't take a piss wherever it wants because it values comfort (and peace), as you do. And an adult dog won't mind if, instead of plunging into the nightlife, you watch together eight seasons of the TV show you watched last month.