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In a perfect world, no wood would catch fire, no neighbour would flood your flat, and the people would be all warm and fuzzy. However, the hard truth is that the world we live in is anything but perfect. And our mission is to teach people to think one step ahead when it comes to security. Ajax Systems came up with a wireless security system to ensure their customers' protection, and we came up with the concept of perfect security for the imperfect world for them.

Having studied the market and the audience, we found that deep within, every one of us hopes: ‘Nothing will happen to me’. Overall, we share the sentiment. In a perfect world, nothing will ever happen to you. So, we burnt and flooded our filming site live to the music of the ever young and talented Johann Sebastian Bach.

We also developed the idea of perfect security for an imperfect world on other channels. This is how atmospheric radio messages emphasizing how close the perfect and imperfect worlds can be were created.

Also, we designed eye-catching product videos for digital billboards.

In a perfect world, these would have been seen all over the globe... But wait, there's more. We designed them to be country-agnostic, so our client can launch them in Ukraine and other international markets. So, we'll see you around the world—the world that is imperfect yet so exciting :)

Client—Ajax Systems

Chief Marketing Officer — Valentyn Hrytsenko

Head of Content — Yonas Rozhkov

Art Director — Daria Nevezhyna

Visual Designer — Ivan Hurin

Production company — NO STARS

director — Ignas Jonynas

DOP — Olena Chekhovska

executive producer — Daria Volhina

line producer — Antonina Patramanska

producer assistant — Valeriia Havrylova

production manager — Anton Vakulenko

casting — Yuliia Hultiaieva

production designer — Natalia Makhovska

stylist — Svitlana Tsilyk

SFX — Olha Markova

editor — Viktor Lisin

colour grading — Maryna Tkachenko

post-production — Coffee Post

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

music by Johann Sebastian Bach

music performed by Vladislav Solodovnikov