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Attention, breaking news: we have all managed to survive this retrograde amazing year. It's excellent by any measure. Still, you might have noticed that 2021 hasn't exactly kicked the door in to throw away all things that 2020 brought. So keep calm, as they say, mind your mental health, and rely on Rozetka — your predictable safety island in our turbulent times.

OK now, go enjoy your holiday meal, and here's to hopefully better New Year!


co-founder, ceo — Vladyslav Chechotkin

marketing director — Eugene Obrazok

brand manager — Andrey Kovalevskyi


director — Eugene Golovatenko

director of photography — Denys Lushchyk

executive producer — Vlad Bolyelov

producer — Daria Ivashchuk

set designer — Eugene Popovychenko

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

postproduction — Terminal FX