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All the case study lingo aside, we wanted to create a fun video that would meet the needs of our client—VBET, a betting company.

If you want to learn more about the campaign, it’s best done to the music we picked for our video.

VBET is an international company that entered the Ukrainian market last summer. Our task was to help the client launch their first ad campaign.

VBET’s superpower is the widest selection of entertainment options: two sport betting lines, daily tournaments, esports, all kinds of casino providers, poker, numerous markets, and product features.

VBET’s global positioning is all about the joy of gaming. Indeed, it’s not the ‘lemons’, jackpots, and golden chains that most people gamble for but getting a kick out of it. This is how the ‘All the joy gaming brings’ idea came to be.

In fact, you can find gaming elements in any real-life situation. All you have to do is learn to notice them—like the characters are cooking breakfast, repairing something at home, being under pressure in the office, or going shopping in our video. But even they know that only VBET brings this joy of gaming.

The characters in our video take a more relaxed attitude because they can notice gaming aspects in their everyday lives. Besides the longer video, we made shorter 25-, 20-, and 15-second cuts.

And this is what the joy of gaming looks like on video billboards.

Fedoriv Agency

copywriterNatalia Tsvietkovaart-directorSerhiy Hedulianovstrategist — Zhenya Gavrylychenkostrategist — Oksana Chumakproject manager — Olga Dovzhenko


Global Marketing Director—Edgar Davtian

Marketing Manager Ukraine—Artem Ivanytskyi


directors — Mykhailo Zvehintsev, Oleksii Pasichnyk

cinematography — Denys Luschyk, Oleh Bondarenko

co-director — Serhii Kornienko

executive producer — Kostya Halyko

linear producer — Evelina Bialaia

assistant producer — Mariia Tuhai

production manager — Mykola Poluden

casting — Pavlo Makarchenko

art directors — Illia Isupov, Kateryna Berlova

stylists — Dina Holubieva, Yana Savchenko

make-up— Mariia Peretrutova, Lilia Dzyhovska

film editors — Mykyta Bereh, Andrii Peretrutov

post-production — Fiber Graphics, Camaradas Studio

sound design—Oleksandr Pustarnakov

colour grading — Olha Korzhynska

composer — Suren Tomasyan