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We beg your pardon — we want to brag about something today. We’ve been developing the CX capability for several years now, while working on transforming customer experience for several clients such as Diia, Korzinka, Bodo, Dobrozem, Inventor to name a few.

We love working with brands. What we particularly love is to make brands not only look good, but also feel good.

And this why we are so proud to announce that we are launching a new line of service: CX, UX/UI design and development.

From now on, we can assist our clients in a new (yes, IT) capacity, creating web and mobile versions of products and providing development support. It does not mean that we are ‘re-specialising’ into programmers. People-centric brands remain at the core of everything.

We will continue delivering marketing services, but this time we are even better equipped to delivering tangible results.

Does this mean that we are turning into an IT company?Not at all, we love marketing! However, we don’t like staying still and always keep developing. Stay tuned for more news!:)