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Quantitative and qualitative research projects, positioning updates, long-term strategy, creative platform, communication directions, and other fancy words—we worked on all this for 7 months, and now MEGOGO has a new communication strategy and the first large-scale advertising campaign. The great work deserves long and solemn descriptions, but we are modest at heart, so let’s just say that it was extremely interesting. The first wave includes 4 spots, and here’s one of them:

You can also see it on YouTube in the following format:

Or in the metro:

Команда проєкту:


маркетинг-директорка — Валерія Толочина

артдиректор — Володимир Смирнов

керівниця з маркетингових комунікацій —

Юлія Бондаренко

Fedoriv Agency


режисер — Олег Томін

оператор — Микита Кузьменко

друга режисерка — Аліна Краснянська

виконавча продюсерка — Леся Січкіна

продюсерка — Маша Панасюк

продакшн-асистент — Слава Чигір

продакшн-менеджер — Денис Кумейко

художниця — Лєна Ємельянова

кастинг Карина — Мельниченко

локейшн — Віктор Шава

грим — Наташа Есмурзієва

стиль — Стас Ралько

звукорежисер — Саша Пустарнаков

фотограф — Олексій Леус

постпродакшн — TPH ONE

“MEGOGO is Ukraine's and Eastern Europe's largest VoD, TV, and audio streaming service. After almost ten successful years in the market, we needed to narrow our brand's focus and accelerate growth. For that purpose, we approached Fedoriv. Together with the agency, we updated our brand strategy and carried out an ambitious launch campaign, trusting them with the marketing budgets that paid off. As a result, we returned a mere year later for a new communication that was just as successful!”

Alexandr Mykal

the managing partner at MEGOGO