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It's great when customers come back, like This time, they came back for a new strategy, positioning, and communication. For starters, we conducted a study, which revealed that every second Ukrainian was stressed out at work and didn't even like their job. Yet they still preferred to stick it out and never quit. Because quitting a job is much more stressful than sticking with it. Even when you're burnt out, your employer keeps delaying the payments despite recent wage cuts, you have to do other people's job, and even friends can't recognize you right away bumping into you in the street. This was true for people of all ages, occupations, and means—they showed incredible tolerance. But, as we all know, patience tends to run out, and then someone may very well start destroying office furniture Hulk-style and alienate the surrounding people.

This is how we decided on the positioning that would remind everyone that we work to live, not the other way around. Indeed, we all have different goals and ambitions, but let's be honest: it's not OK when a job drains all the happiness from your life, it doesn't need to be that way. This is what is for—finding a job that will make you happy again and let you spend weekends with friends or at a favourite fishing spot.

Coming up with the creative part, we decided not to call on people to quit. Let’s take one step at a time and start with realizing that the job is not sexy anymore, and maybe it’s time to check out vacancies. Just to take one peek at the life you could have, without making any rushed moves.


CEO — Mykola Mykhaylov

Marketing manager — Olga Budnyk

Communication&PR manager — Yuliia Dalibuk


director — Michael Zvegintsev

director of photography — Denys Lushchyk

executive producer — Vladyslav Bolyelov

producer — Daria Ivashchuk

1st Ad — Alina Yatsyk

set designer — Alyona Gadjilova

casting director — Roman Zavertanyi

stylist — Dina Golubeva

mua — Dzhuliya Melnyk

postproduction — Denys Reva

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov