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Performance indicators went up 5–10 times after we launched the advertising campaign and reached a stable plateau that was three to four times higher than the previous figures—we used billboards for OVO’s out-of-home advertising in the autumn and that’s what we got. Read on to learn more.

OVO is a Ukrainian vegetable delivery start-up that raised angel investments from Fedoriv Group in summer 2020. Fedoriv Group sees investments as smart money—‘finance, networking, publicity, and non-trivial creative solutions’. This is what Andrii Fedoriv emphasized in his vlog.

‘You need to be crazy, ambiguous, and challenging… We want to create ads no client would ever approve’, this is how Andrii Fedoriv gave the task to the agency’s designers. Therefore, we switched from wheeled carrots to humanized vegetables—OVO’s character came to the throne in the brand identity after a long night of discussions: a cheeky tomato with big eyes was ready to go.

We consciously picked the time for communication: it was autumn—two days before the local elections. ‘Context is extremely important in advertising. Everything matters: what you draw, when it rolls out, and how it appears. Our magnificent tomatoes replaced politicians for only seven days’, commented Andrii Fedoriv in Fedoriv Vlog. The cheeky OVO’s tomato, together with other vegetables, was as noticeable as a Christmas tree on Mars after massive political advertising, while the number of orders soared 5–10 times on the website, according to the company’s founders.

After we completed the campaign, the company’s performance indicators, on average, went up three to four times. The start-up caught the attention of large investment companies and closed a new round of financing in autumn 2020.

‘For me, dynamics is an interesting experience’, said Andrii Fedoriv. ‘If you look at the company in August–September, this is one company. If you look at the company in November, this is another company. If you look at it in mid-March, this is still another company! Traditional businesses only manage to wake up and brush their teeth for the same period’.