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Here’s what we realized in 2020: predictability is the new black. Because when things are going as they have been for the last ten months, we begin to appreciate simple and predictable things: here’s your snow, here’s the kettle that still boils water, and you will definitely find string lights and gifts for your dears on Rozetka. And that’s exactly what happened to the children in our videos: they saw life but did not fall into despair because they can always rely on Rozetka. You personally can also take a break amidst this crazy world at least for thirty seconds while enjoying our little stories.


co-founder, ceo — Vladyslav Chechotkin

marketing director — Eugene Obrazok

brand manager — Andrey Kovalevskyi


director — Eugene Golovatenko

director of photography — Denys Lushchyk

executive producer — Vlad Bolyelov

producer — Daria Ivashchuk

set designer — Eugene Popovychenko

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

postproduction — Terminal FX