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For decades, marketing experts have argued what came first: rational motivation or emotional impulse. In our new Valentine's Day campaign for Rozetka we opted not to choose and combined it all: the desire to find the right present, the pressing need to make it with maximum convenience, and everything in between.

Predictably, all the rational and emotional plots end on Rozetka.

But love doesn't have to end on Valentine's Day. To celebrate the beginning of spring’s love season we shoot one more video from this series.


marketing director — Eugene Obrazok

brand manager — Andrey Kovalevskyi


director — Hanna Kopylova

director of photography — Anton Fursa

executive producer — Oleksii Taranenko

producer — Kateryna Zadorozhna

set designer — Nikola Kischuk

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

postproduction — The Coffee Post