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We launched an unusual ad campaign for the start of the new school year. ‘The School of Life’ is a series of life hacks offered by children and sung by MONATIK to his music. Needless to say, we do love creative collaborations more than conventional celebrity marketing.

It seems that September is a big thing in our lives only as long as we are pupils. But not really — we are adults now, and September is about a university or a school for our children and the children of our friends. All in all, it turns out that life itself is like attending school. And every September we come back to all of that one way or another.

To make sure you can put school lessons into practice, we invited nine talented children who had something to say to the world. And MONATIK — a self-made star, a real idol adored by millions, and a great role model for new generations rather than just a celebrity — helped them say a word.

Children, Rozetka, MONATIK, and us

Obviously, this campaign for Rozetka — just like all others — promises to last long. So we bet you’ll be humming those children and MONATIK’s life hacks for several more seasonal occasions 😉


marketing director — Eugene Obrazok

brand manager — Andrey Kovalevskyi

deputy head of marketing — Julia Kuznetsova


based on music “То, от чего без ума”

composer — MONATIK

sound design — Звучит Production


director — Oleg Tomin

director of photography — Anton Fursa

executive producer — Vlad Bolyelov

producer — Daria Ivashchuk

stylist — Dina Golubeva

postproduction — Coffeepost