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Frankly speaking (tbh), we decided on the major prize for the summer promo (a house on wheels) back in November (last-year November).

But it came to pass (or the stars aligned so) that in the situation like this (quite pandemic one), a house on wheels turned out to be a real dream prize (meaning you can go anywhere—you’ll be staying home anyway).

So pack your bags (don’t forget sunscreen), drive to WOG (refuel, buy, and all that stuff), and win your house on wheels (plus bikes, electric scooters, and other prizes).

And while you are here, on our website, watch our promos (feel free to do it once and again). And drive to WOG (feel free to do it as once and again).


marketing director – Vitalii Starominskyi

art director – Tanya Sladkaya


brand leader — Tamriko Keburiaart director – Kostiantyn SencopywriterJenya Malyukevychstrategist — Valeria Tymotievychdigital-strategist – Yulia Koliadapoject manager – Alina Melnychenko


director – Evgeniy Gozheyshy

1st AD – Vadim Yuzba

DOP unit 1 – Denis Lushchik

executive producer – Ivan Krutous

producer – Kostya Galyko

producer assistant – Evelina Bialaja

art director – Evgeniy Popovychenko

stylist – Dina Golubeva

post-production – m1x studio

sound – Aleksandr Pustarnakov