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A-Bank ranks among the ten largest banks in Ukraine: more than 1.5 million customers and 220 branches.

Unlike its major competitors, A-Bank has never resorted to mass communication, as it has developed only through its service and branch network.


‘This year, we need to achieve the KPI targets by promoting our flagship product — the credit card’, the client said. However, we see the first brand’s communication as a responsibility in searching for the tone of voice and the future brand’s strategy. Which by the way, we were developing simultaneously with this communication idea.


The competitors communicate their credit products to imaginary people without real problems. In their stories, people take credits to buy new scooters, shoes, and dresses as well as to go to restaurants. For whatever purpose but the ordinary human’s needs.

We decided to show real people with their normal needs: new clothes for a child, spare parts for a car, or ‘a few thousand more to finish the repairs’. And what’s good is that these real people have real reactions. Their brain says ‘fight or run away’. But fighting people isn’t an option when you run out of money, so you have to run away.

Adults don’t hide from problems. They run away from them

We made the bumper ads separately, because you can’t run away in 6 seconds. Even from the ads.


PR director and corporate training manager — Nataliia Khlyzina

chief content officer — Alina Shvets

credit card manager — Yevhen Zaichenko

analytics and marketing manager — Kyrylo Sychushkyn

customer experience manager — Olena Tsehelia


copywriter — Andrian Sytarart-director — Nikita Pluzhkoart directorOlga Bogdanovastrategist — Maria Yatsenkoproject manager — Kate Byelousovabrand leaderAnna Lebedeva


director — Yevhenii Hozheishyi

DOP — Denys Lushchyk

assistant director — Serhii Korniienko

executive producer — Ivan Krutous

producer — Kostia Halyko

assistant producer — Masha Tuhai

production designer — Olha Zlobina

production designer — Mykola Poluden

style — Dina Holubieva

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

music — Sura Tomasian

colour correction — Olha Korzhynska

post-production — M1X