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Atlas Weekend is not only the major music festival in Ukraine but also a week of inevitable happiness and freedom. To make it perfectly clear and hard to resist for people of all ages and preferences, we have developed six videos, in which we intensified the inevitability to the max.

Each video tells a story of everyday life to an alarming gurgle of a horror synth soundtrack, when something strange and unknown suddenly breaks into the day-to-day routine. Wherever you are and whatever you do, Atlas Weekend will come to every one of you.



director — Mykhaylo Zvegintsev

dop — Denis Lushhik

1st ad — Sergey Kornienko

producer — Kostya Galyko

producer assistant — Roman Motrych

production manager — Nikolay Poluden

art department — Vitaliy Sudarkov

sfx — Olya Markova (Snow Business Ukraine)

post-production — m1x studio

edit — Max Vasyanovich

stylist — Dina Golubeva

muah — Yulia Ostapenko

casting — MAMA casting

making of — Maria Poplavskaya

color grading — Olya Korzhinskaya

music — Dmitriy Avksentiev

sound mixing and mastering — Aleksander Pustarnakov


ceo — Dmitry Sidorenko

coo — Andrii Markevych

marketing director – Vladlena Shulkevych

pr-director — Ksenia Chaykovska

creative manager — Dmitry Timchenko

art director – Oleksandr Turetskiy

pr-manager – Oleksandra Persykova

motion designer — Arseniy Naidionov