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Crello is a graphic online editor by Depositphotos.

Crello has thousands of ready-made templates for creating visual content.

Its simple and intuitive design makes the service clear to anyone: a child, a manager, a grandmother.


Using a large-scale campaign to break into a near-monopoly market won by one player. Crello is an underdog amongst online graphic editors, which needs to bite off as much as it can from a clumsy competitor.

Besides, together with our customer, we had to understand what Crello was, how it communicated, how it joked, what it could afford and what it couldn’t. In fact, this is the first brand communication which will be seen immediately in a dozen countries.


For global communication, we had to find an idea understandable in both Ukraine and Mexico.

We realized that Crello solved the problems of two audiences at once: customers who spent time and money on quick visual solutions and designers who did not have time to do anything interesting and develop because they had to solve such problems.

‘Simple tasks don’t require a professional,’ we say and show what a customer looks like who asks a designer to help with what is easier for him/her to do himself/herself in Crello.

Lightfilm production

director — Yevhenii Krasulia

cameraman — Maksym Malynovskyi

executive Producer — Stanislav Maspanov

line Producers — Tetiana Rudenko, Olena Shkambarna

post-production — Cinnamon


brand leaderAnna Lebedevaproject manager — Kate Byelousovaart-director — Nikita Pluzhkocopywriter — Andrian Sytar


marketing Director — Alina Volchek

product Marketing Manager — Tetiana Vilhan

leading Marketing Designer — Kateryna Larina