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Let's talk about the market challenge. Betting is when fans and nerds bet on sports—this was the profoundly ingrained stereotype we had to overcome.

And then the product challenge. As a brand, Favorit had already turned 20 in 2019. But it remained a ‘Cyrillic’ brand, most of the betting took place in the sportsbook's offline locations, and the brand's visuals had hardly evolved at all since its inception, even though Favorit set up sub-brands in Belarus, Croatia, and Romania.


Our primary objective was to change the perception of betting. In Ukraine, sportsbooks bellow about winning. And by winning, they imply money. However, betting is about emotions rather than cash. Losing a bet is no big deal if it adds drive to an otherwise dull match. Therefore, we decided to highlight FAVORIT SPORT's role for consumers. We are hot sauce. We add emotions, heat, and kick even to the most tedious matches. With FAVORIT SPORT, you are guaranteed a wealth of emotions, as well as some money to boot if your bet wins. It's a WIN-WIN situation.


The rejuvenated brand needed an updated design system. We started with the logo. Our design of Favorit's ‘crown’ is symbolic of the game, bets, as well as rising and falling odds.

‘Light up the game!’ became the new slogan, dictating that the brand be flamboyant and somewhat wild. Therefore, we integrated stylistically disparate illustrations into one design system.


The advertising campaign was grounded in a simple but important idea: it's sad to live sadly. You need to fill each of your days with emotion. And FAVORIT SPORT knows just how to do it! Light up the game!


marketing director — Nik Rudenko

marketing manager — Anatoliy Symachynskiy

brand manager — Alex Malyshko

head of the offline marketing department — Аlexander Levchenko


director — Kostiantyn Sen, Olha Korzhunska, Andrei Serbin

director/dop — Slava Melnik

executive producer — Khytry Kostya

muse — Ann Kovalskaya

photographer — Kseniya Kargina

dop (2nd unit) — Danil Maystro

producer — Taya Holiy

producer assistant — Nastya Kyrychenko

pm — Andrey Grishai

lm — Vlad Valovoy

casting — Sofi Pashkual

style assistant — Vet Manko

make-up — Alisa Fun

gaffer — Maksym Maksymchuk

steadicam — Sergey Revutskyi

admin — Julia Moroz

artdep — Vasiliy Becam

bts — Oleg Bondarenko

edit — Andrei Serbin

3d stadium — Positive Post

2d animation shotopop — Dima Kyevda

sound — Dmitriy Avksentiev

sound mixing and mastering — Baker Street Sound Studio


brand leader — Vlad Nozdrachevart director — Kostiantyn SencopywriterJenya Malyukevychstrategist — Denys Cherniavskyidesigner — Igor Babarikoproducer — Andriy Mityanov, Kateryna Soboleva