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Foxtrot, with 159 shops opened over the past 25 years, is the largest consumer electronics and home appliance retail chain in Ukraine. Thanks to many years of expertise, the company built a distinctive brand recognition and became a trusted go-to place for Ukrainians looking for domestic devices and electronic gadgets.


The brand felt too conservative. The generation growing up with it began seeing Foxtrot more like a still, overly quiet, and boring “old-timer”.

Refusing to grow old and age in the eyes of its loyal consumers, Foxtrot decided to do a bold U-turn. The overall transformation could have been less radical, of course. But whenever we commit to something, we go all-out.


Brands want to refresh their look and appeal to younger audiences. But what we realised is that it’s not the biological age we should be looking at––after all, we have plenty of Instagram filters ready to get things right on that front.

What makes us look “seasoned” are all those old appliances around us in need to be defrosted, endured, and repaired.

So, while the market competition keeps focusing on megapixels, we decided to pay attention to the daily. Beautiful selfies of our gorgeous shelves talk about customers, quitting shabby laptops or getting rid of frayed clothes exhausted by overly-used washing machines. Instead of futuristic concepts, our philosophy is all about enjoying things by making each day of our lives more comfortable. That’s why we aim to Living Now.


We will not go into unnecessarily detailed explanations about the work we did to develop the new logo, the custom font, and the title-based design. We will focus on what matters, that is how we made Foxtrot a distinctive and

up-to-date brand again.

Foxy, a unique fox, is the brand’s image. Characterised by an off-beat voice, she is hard-nosed and loves all things new.


Being present on TV every day of the year, Foxtrot is among the largest advertisers in Ukraine. To keep up with that, we worked hard to make as many ads as possible.


We have shot a manifest-that-doesn't-look-like-one to show you the new Foxtrot. No nostalgia, no adoration for classics, — new always means better, there's no way around it. A holiday somewhere new is better than the old job, and a new smartphone is twice as great as the old one


It does not really make sense to use ads to reiterate the fact that Foxtrot sells domestic appliances and electronic devices. It is no big news and, throughout the past 25 years, the brand’s communication made sure to make that crystal clear.

Instead, we decided to show what makes people go to Foxtrot, that is the moment when they realise that their once proficient machines need a replacement.


Our little routines have changed. We’re no longer sitting in front of the TV waiting for our favourite show to start: we go online and press play anytime we want to. We’re not standing in never-ending lines to get our preferred food: we order it in advance. We don’t gather family and friends to show them holiday pictures once we’re back: we share with them in real-time through our Stories. So, why wait for the delivery guy to ring the doorbell when we can choose the time that best suits us? The news got us so thrilled that we decided to talk about it not one time, but three.


chief marketing officer — Natalia Stavrati

head of marketing & advertising — Olga Vitomskaya

e-commerce director — Kirill Popov–Cherkasov

head of marketing design — Alex Peñuelas Calderon

head of crm — Yevgeniy Krechetovich

head of online marketing — Viktoria Shevchuk


brand leaderAnna Lebedevaproject manager — Sergey Prońkinart-director — Nikita Pluzhkocopywriter — Andrian Sytartrategist — Oleksandra Naidonovastrategist — Oleksii Stetsenkochief designerVitalic ParfilevdesignerNikita Malyshevdesigner — Masha Dmitrovachief designerLeonid Tatarinovmotion designer — Yura KhomovskyiCGI & AnimationAndrii Gorlov