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It is best to talk about things you know, and know well. For many years, the Koblevo brand has focused on communicating its distinct advantages: European seedlings, nightly grape harvests, hard but rewarding work. In the meantime, the brand has acquired a new audience, without even realising it. That is where we come in.


Wine consumption in Ukraine is increasing slightly every year, mainly because of young women who no longer perceive wine as a beverage for special occasions.

They treat themselves to a glass of wine in the evening after a difficult day and on a hot weekend afternoon, simply because they want to.

These women, however, in no way associate themselves with communication about vineyards and the related work of winemakers.

‘To love myself is to do what I want, not what others expect from me’


To define the brand positioning, we conducted research. And no matter how different the women we spoke to may be, they were united by a desire to enjoy life. To earn, to spend and to be able to be themselves.

Delicious, aromatic Koblevo wine is for these women.

This wine does not cost a fortune, and can be found in almost any supermarket around the country.
Koblevo’s purpose is to add pleasure to any moment, not only on special occasions.

We wanted to make Koblevo’s design modern and a little mysterious. And, of course, we created comms to share this: two spots about women who allow themselves to relax, one cat, one peacock, and one motto: ‘you may if you want to.’

marketing director — Roman Vashkolup
brand manager — Valeriy Gryb

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