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The main water of the country, Morshynska, has developed in Ukrainians the habit of drinking water for several years in a row. Now, ask anyone what the standard amount of water is to drink a day. Anyone will answer you that it is one and a half litres. In 2019, the brand’s marketing team decided to shift its focus from water balance and entrusted it to Fedoriv.



The adult audience knows and loves Morshynska, but the language of the images communicated to the audience has become obsolete over time. It had to look for a new coordinate system — Generation Z. They are new, bold, ready for change and to change. The new Morshynska communication would resonate with their attitude of mind.


We no longer say that it is vital to drink water (everyone knows about it). Now, Morshynska tells about the body, its beauty, strength, and miracles it is capable of. The campaign was created with the idea of the body being a resource. It is the zero point from which it all begins. It helps you to work and rest, doubt and believe, stay awake at night and feel happy. The body needs Morshynska. Natural water, which restores it daily, allows you to work effectively, live actively, develop, and create.


Generation Z, Instagram and YouTube users whose feed is overflowing with content, are not interested in artificial images. We tried to create a commercial full of real characters and their emotions. The video featured a real freediver, a ballerina, and even a baby only two weeks old.
Each character had his/her own story. After a real strain and effort, we see them in their moment of triumph. They had water with them before their first success, their first step, their first record, the first breath of a newborn baby.

Being full of the senses, commercial turned out to be a real film. The viewer can trace the inseparable line of breathing throughout the eighty seconds of the video.

We wanted to communicate that the human body needs water as much as air.