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FMCG brands usually avoid redesigning their packaging radically out of fear their product won’t stand out on the shelves. For Morshynska, however, the continuous improvement of form has become a tradition.


We had so much to tell in the new video ad for the brand. Apart from introducing a more ergonomic bottle (which had 15% less plastic in it), Morshynska overhauled its entire brand identity. The brand also started calling on its buyers to sort waste. And we had to communicate all these messages at once. Fortunately, they were logically linked, so the communication actually flowed organically.


We wanted to do something like a presentation of a new flagship smartphone. This decision let us highlight the details, and there were plenty of them for a 30-second video.

The most rewarding thing for us was the big brand’s readiness to engage in a bit of self-irony. And we thank the Morshynska team from the bottom of our hearts for letting us throw their new bottle into a trash bin immediately after its beautiful transformation. After all, ending up in the trash and being recycled is still part of a bottle’s lifecycle.


To shoot Ukrainian-looking summer landscapes in December, we had to go to Barcelona with the project production, SEEK studio. Cologne-based post-production studio BUREAU KLAUSALMAN did the graphics for the video.


marketing director — Nataliia Revika

marketing manager — Iryna Lopot

senior brand manager — Yevheniia Mykhailenko

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bottle design


brand leaderAnna Lebedevaproject managerVlada Vasylievaart-director — Nikita Pluzhkocopywriter — Andrian Sytar

director — Kostiantyn Sen

director of photography — Anton Fursá

assistant director — Mariko Becher

executive producer — Kostya Khytry

line producer — Taya Holiy

style — Ann Khytra