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Morshynska is the biggest and strongest mineral water brand in Ukraine. For the second year running, we are developing a strategy and winning the hearts of viewers with spectacular advertising campaigns.


Last year’s ‘Your body = your future’ communication marked the start of changing the brand’s strategy. This year, Morshynska’s team is continuing to develop positioning — we got back to naturalness as a key element of the brand’s DNA, and decided to elaborate on self-regeneration — the theme that had turned out to be hard to understand in the previous communication.

Besides, it was necessary to update the brand’s slogan, with all previous tasks in mind.


The results of the previous campaign showed that the theme of the human body’s self-regeneration is completely novel and incomprehensible to the viewer. A single communication is not enough to convey this, knowledge of this should be systematically instilled in people’s minds. So we decided to start with the simplest.

The regeneration of nature is familiar to everybody from primary school: in the spring everything wakes up, in the morning flowers open, and, after rain, from the soil which was dry, bursts new life.

The idea we’ve come up with is to remind people that we too are part of nature. We were once inseparable, we came out of nature. Now we have lost that bond, we are walled off from nature with concrete and plasterboard. But our body still remembers. It’s still able to regenerate. Like the rest of nature around us. All it needs is a sip of natural Morshynska to trigger this magical regeneration process.

After we, together with the client, came up with this idea — so simple that even a little child can easily comprehend it — the slogan was born almost by itself.


Ninety seconds during which you can’t take your eyes off the screen. We have created a visual hymn to nature, the human body, and regeneration.

In addition to the long cinematic version, we have created twenty short TV and digital videos. Morshynska is one of the biggest advertisers in Ukraine. We want to show the viewers the idea from different angles rather than annoy them with the same repetitive ad.


We shot for three days together with Esse production and the Swiss director Humbi Entress who specializes in filming nature and does it the way we want, when everything is beautiful and you want to watch it over and over again. The cinematographer for the project was Mauricio Padilla, a Brazilian who started his career on Instagram and very quickly got to work with global brands, while staying true to his style.

The shooting took place in early March when nature in Ukraine has not yet blossomed. So we imitated an abstract night lake in an indoor pool and filmed the jungle in a greenhouse. And for outdoor jogging and exercising, we had to fly to Portugal.

The score for the ad was written by Thomas Goralski, a composer whose tracks can be heard in commercials for Adidas, Hyundai, and the Van Gogh Museum. Olga Sumska’s voice filled our story with magic.

ESSE Production House

director — Humbi Entress

DOP — Maurício Padilha

DOP 2nd Unit — Lena Chekhovsky

1st AD — Alex Osadchenko, Mariko Becher

2nd AD — Tanya Kryva

executive producer — Vitaliy Sheremetiev

producer — Jeanna Koba

line producer — Marta Melnychuk

producer assistant — Olha Guevska

production designer — Mykola Kischuk

make up/hair stylist — Kseniia Kornitska

wardrobe stylist — Viktoriia Ditrikh

СС — Maryna Tkachenko

editor — Oliver Don, Max Grebenyuk

voice — Olha Sumska

sound design — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

music — Thomas Goralski

post-production producer/BTS — Vitalii Molchanov

photographer — Andrii Demianiuk


brand portfolio director of IDS Borjomi International — Nataliia Revika

marketing director — Anatolie Gordeev

marketing manager — Iryna Lopot

senior brand manager — Yevheniia Mykhailenko

Fedoriv Agency