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Martin Scorsese’s The Departed was the first film ever displayed in MULTIPLEX theatres. It was 2007 and, ever since that moment, the path got constellated with a long list of successes. Today, with 150 theatres opened in 16 cities, MULTIPLEX is the largest cinema chain in Ukraine.


MULTIPLEX is undoubtedly the largest cinema chain in Ukraine.

But, while MULTIPLEX was quietly and ambitiously building its network of cinemas, competitors were loudly launching nationwide campaigns promoting their We’ve Got a New Taste of Popcorn on the Menu-approach.

Therefore, our agency had to deal with the task of telling that besides being a large-scale cinema chain, MULTIPLEX was also the first one offering a whole range of services and unique products.


Plunging into the whole range of additional services offered made us realise a fundamental detail: for many people going in one of the MULTIPLEX theatres, watching a movie is just one among the numerous options thought to make sure everyone has a good time.

MULTIPLEX has a long list of entertainment alternatives such as cafes, slot halls, video games played on a 22-metre screen, Champion Leagues matches, rock concerts, as well as British theatre performances.

People can celebrate their birthdays, organise karaoke championships, and even have romantic wedding proposals.

So, as we said, having fun at MULTIPLEX is not just about movie-night but is much more. It’s about “getting the bigger picture”. And what do we mean by that?

We mean “get the bigger and greater picture” watching films on the big screen surrounded by great sound systems, rather than a pocket-sized smartphone.

Get the bigger picture of the meaning of watching a movie: cinema is not just a screen. A theatre is a place where being a spectator intertwines with a lot of other ways of entertainment.

Furthermore, we mean to get the bigger picture of the importance of positivity in people’s lives. The world has not been created by or for boredom, so get ready for fun and memorable adventures.

We then developed the whole design system. We got the big picture of the cinema screen, and we decide to tweak it into a logo that includes all the other entertainment opportunities offered by MULTIPLEX.

So that people looking at it will be wondering whether it is a smile or a screen, or a combo of both of them.


We shot trailer-style videos and added captions transforming the overall perception of what is displayed on-screen, aiming to show how everyday situations can effortlessly turn into a movie. And all it takes is for you to get the bigger picture.


head of marketing communications — Elena Matkovskaya

brand manager — Ruslan Stashevskyi

head of digital — Maksym Korkodym

commercial director — Artem Kuchaev

ceo — Vitaly Pisarenko


brand leader — Tamriko Keburiaproject managers — Andriy Mityanov, Kateryna Sobolevaart director — Kostya SencopywriterJenya Malyukevychstrategist — Denys Cherniavskyistrategist — Valeria Tymotievychdigital strategist — Yulia Koliadachief designerVitalic Parfilevdesigner — Igor BabarikoCGI & AnimationAndrii Gorlov