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OLX Jobs is a job search service, that uses ‘people to people’ approach. The majority of published job openings are meant for ‘blue collars’: cooks, builders, mechanics, cleaners.

Getting a job using the service is simple and easy. Call an employer directly, and that’s it. No need to write a resume or go through a five-stages interview. It’s a perfect service for blue-collar jobs. And it doesn’t matter if they’re looking for a long-term, temporary or even occasional job. The important part is, they can make one phone call and next morning they are in the new workplace.


To remind that finding a job on OLX is simple, easy, and quick. To keep the fun vibe of a previous campaign.


We’ve combined an entertainment that is beloved by our audience and the simplicity of finding a job on OLX. And by doing that, we’ve got karaoke!

We have written our own track, that sticks with you for a few days. Finding a job on OLX is as easy as to pet a cat. Or as to order lunch. Or as to say hi to someone. It’s so nice and simple that even when you’re at work, you’re a star and you’re singing like a star in the disco ball beams.


OLX Ukraine

head of jobs category — Mariia Abdullina

brand marketing team lead — Dasha Ischenko

marketing brand manager — Oleksandra Kravchenko


Director — Eugeniy Gozheyshiy

DOP — Eugene Gubrenko

1st AD — Anastasiia Soviak-Krukovska

Executive producer — Ivan Krutous

Producer — Kostya Galyko

Producer assistant — Evelina Bialaja

Producer designer — Katya Berlova

Stylist — Dina Golubeva

Make up — Marina Zhylova

Casting — MaMa Casting

Production manager — Anton Vakulenko

Post-production — Coffeepost post production

Edit — Artem Kobets

Color grading — Olga Korzhynska

Music — Oleksandr Lytvyn

Sound mixing and mastering — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

Making of — Eugeniya Bondarenko

Location service — AT POINT

Special thanks to Natalia Yurchishyna