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OLX Kazakhstan is a classifieds platform that has so many views that it can easily beat any blockbuster. But, as the research showed, people often use the service to find specific items only and then go to other e-commerce sites. They don’t realize that with OLX they can check off every item in their shopping list.


To remind people that OLX is a big classifieds ecosystem where everyone can find everything they need, no matter what their likes or interests are, regardless of their race, skin color or political and religious views. It’s simple, easy, and without surprises.

The core of our target audience is young families and students as they are the most active online shoppers.

They have only begun to equip their homes, so they need ‘something new’ every day.


We have deeply dived into our consumers heads and feelings, and we’ve found something that unites them. Life is an everyday challenge for them. Can’t agree? Hah!

Try to get a kid ready for school. That’s a much more complicated mission than the Superman stuff. How about moving to another city with no parents, friends or connections and succeed?

Look around. We are surrounded by heroes. Their stories have become the cornerstone of our communication. We wanted to shoot a movie about them but we have shot the trailers as they contain the most interesting moments, right?


marketing director — Dana Bergaripova

b2b marketing manager — Askar Azhiyev

pr manager — Latina Satarova


director — Pedro Barbero Abreu

1st ad — Daryna Rymareva

dop — Denys Lushchyk

executive producer — Ivan Krutous

producer — Daria Volgina

assistant producer — Solomiia Poplavska

production manager — Alexey Golubenko

location manager — Vasilina Mashtanova

casting — BIMBA Casting

casting — CAST.KZ

set designer — Max Nimenko

stylist — Dina Golubeva

makeup — Lisa Marushchak

edit — Oleksandr Chorny

color grading — Olga Korzhynskaya

sound mixing and mastering — Oleksandr Pustarnakov

photographer — Sergiy Poznansky

post-production — TPH-ONE