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Nobody has ever drunk anything like it. Morshynska has launched Pine Water, a drink that is the only one of its kind on the shelves of Ukrainian, and even global, supermarkets. The niche for vitaminised beverages is barely occupied by Ukrainian producers, and no one adds pine needle extract to their drinks.


We needed to speak about an unfamiliar product in a funny and simple way to make the audience find a place for it in their consumer goods basket. It was important for Morshynska Plus Pine Water to be properly understood, without going to extremes: at first glance, the drink could be linked to sweet, strongly sparkling waters or, quite the opposite, health-improving drinks. In fact, Pine Water from Morshynska is a combination of useful and enjoyable things that everyone dreams about.


We did some research and decided not to focus on the taste of Morshynska Plus Pine Water. Judging by results, we can state that its positioning as ‘pine water’ is enough for consumers to buy it for the first time. Our goal was to convince the audience that drinking Morshynska Plus Pine Water is good for health and should be regular. Therefore, our commercial covered all the issues we had and the focus group had when it was first introduced to Morshynska Plus Pine Water.

Morshynska Plus Pine Water is water pumped up by nature for those who are constantly pumping up their bodies and minds, following the trends, new iPhone releases, and lists of Pulitzer Prize winners. For all those who are not satisfied with old things and want something unusual.


brand leader — Oleksandr Shumyloproject manager — Olena Ermolaevaart director — Masha Dmitrovacopywriter — Ksyusha Sychova


marketing rirector — Revika Natalia

marketing manager — Iryna Lopot

senior brand manager — Daria Kovalenko