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Rodynna Kovbaska begun as small family business: father Volodymyr, mother Sophia and their two suns Sashko and Oleh.

In twenty years Rodynna Kovbaska has grown from one counter on Pryvokzalnyj market in Lviv to three hundred shops all over Ukraine. And they still remain a family business. The company covers a full production cycle. They grow their own food for cattle that lives in their farms, they make sausages and meat, they have their own bakery and gastronomy and distribute all this through their own shops. That helps Rodynna Kovbaska to control quality of products on all stages, right down to our kitchen tables.


The company had changed the design and started their shops renewal. But rebuilding three hundred shops needs time, so we couldn't say about the new brand all over Ukraine.

We needed to create brand communication. To show consumers the new brand but without overpromises, because in some cities Rodynna kovbaska may still look old, with happy ukrainian family in the village near their house.


The founders' family and their story got us so excited that we decided to create a content strategy on domesticity. It came up pretty easy, because the company is already built on family traditions and values. We just needed to tell everything, that got us so excited.


We did a documentary commercial about the founders family to unveil the company and uplift brand trust. We showed parents that established the company; we showed kids that operate it, we showed grandchildrens that are only learning to operate and great grandchildren that for now only love eating sausages.

We have shown how different generations get along with each other and do what they love.


We wanted to make something different than an ordinary book about business with photos of people in offices and cows on farms. We had an idea how to tell the brand positioning and philosophy and at the same time to make this book interesting not only for Rodynna kovbaska’s employees.

We decided to not to tell about the brand in a book, but to write a book that is a part of brand. «The charm of family circle» is the book of family recipes and traditions that help the whole family to gather around one table.

We wrote the book, we created each recipe, we took photos, we did the layout, and finally printed. Our greatest pride is the white cotton cover that will have marks from hands on it while cooking. It will make every book unique, just as the taste of a dish is unique in every family.

Social media

We shot and filmed the content, structured everything by topics, set tone of voice and visual language.

In two months we’ve tested different topics and left the most popular. It pleased us that stories of company and people were as interesting for readers as recipes, which is the flagship topic.


For now it’s just a business card site, but it will become the library of homemade cooking soon.

Rodynna Kovbaska:

founder — Volodymyr Baran

founder — Sofiya Baran

founder — Oleh Baran

founder — Oleksandr Bavorovskyi

marketing director — Olha Sanina


brand leaderAnna Lebedevaproject manager — Olena Yermolaievaproject manage — Sergey Prońkinstrategist — Oleksandra Naidonovastrategist — Oleksii Stetsenkostrategist — Mikael Karapetianart-director — Nikita Pluzhkocopywriter — Andrian SytardesignerNikita Malyshev

Book team:

cooking — Denys Komarenko (Head chef, Tarilka gastro café)

writer — Natalіa Pasichnyk

photographer — Vika Kuznetsova

type designer — Dmitry Rastvortsev

designer — Maximus Chatsky

Film team:

scriptwriter — Tania Postavna

director — Viktor Demydov

producer — Nazar Zhytvevych