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UKRNAFTA is the largest petrol station chain in the country. Present in 537 location, each of UKRNAFTA’s service stations operates using national fuel, exclusively produced and refined within Ukraine.


Even though UKRNAFTA has a supplying rate of around 900,000 drivers per year, our challenge was to expand the range and become attractive to new clients. The task, requiring a brand new retail format, asked for a strategy based on the brand’s own identity, rather than shaped upon the footprints of other market leaders.


Back in 2017, UKRNAFTA was not yet in the position to compete with other comparable gas station chains in terms of extra services and on-menu offer. Therefore we decided to focus on the main advantage UKRNAFTA had over the competition: scale.

UKRNAFTA’s network stretches nationwide, bringing people together by helping them cover the distance that separates them from who they want to meet. And based on this characteristic, “UKRNAFTA brings together” became the brand’s core message.

As for today, UKRNAFTA is still the only company producing and selling 100% Ukranian oil. For this reason, we decided to incorporate in our logo the symbol used to mark oil fields on geographical maps.

Characterised by minimalism and concision, UKRNAFTA's design system stems from an industrial design aesthetic. Based on this, we chose to stick to black and white and decided to focus on elements of technological design rather than go for a decorative approach.

However, we did not just revamp the design strategy. We also overhauled the entire retail network, developing setups based on three different scales aimed to renovate petrol stations all over the country.

UKRNAFTA's stations offer the essential: fuel, hot-dogs, coffee, car accessories and restrooms. Nothing that would distract drivers from what matters: the fact that they are on a trip to reach someone or something that matters to them.

In 2018, UKRNAFTA opened six pilot petrol stations. An initial step that led to having today 19 fully modernised stations located in Kyiv and the Western Regions. But the future holds much more, and we are just at the beginning of a major makeover.

Finally, we would love to introduce you to Naftozavr. Present on each of the articles of UKRNAFTA's own-production, Naftozavr is more than just a mascot: he is a traveller advocating for road safety. He also has a wacky sense of humour. To find it out, you can take a look at his own Facebook page: (


marketing director — Oleksandr Zubrytskyi

ceo — Felix Lunev


brand leader — Vlad Nozdrachevbrand leaderAnna Lebedevaart director — Kostya SencopywriterJenya Malyukevychstrategist — Denys Cherniavskyichief designerVitalic Parfilevdesigner — Oleksandr Blagovdesigner — Igor Babarikodesigner — Stepan Guzmotion graphic designer — Yura Khomovskyiarchitect — Taras Ostapenko