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WOG is one of Ukrainians'

best-loved fuel brands.

The company is valued for the quality of its fuel. Also, it was the first to launch ‘the coffeeest coffee,’ and its hot dogs have become nothing short of iconic. Over the past 20 years, WOG outgrew being just a petrol station chain as its cafés made their way into trains and airports.

Ukraine has a saturated fuel retail market with the players active in communications, some even having similar visual identities, and customers spoilt by special offers and unaccustomed to being loyal to any one brand.

When WOG approached Fedoriv in 2019, it clearly needed a new vision to develop its brand in terms of meaning and visuals.


We started by thoroughly studying the company, sending our secret shoppers to its petrol stations, watching its clients, and conducting interviews. Multiple waves of qualitative and quantitative research were carried out to understand the role WOG played in the lives of our audience.

We found out that fuel quality was no longer a point of differentiation in the top segment, which we focused on. Also, customers believed that all petrol chains offered fuel of roughly the same quality. What people paid attention to was service. We were struck by the details our customers could notice. It was everything from the softness of toilet paper and all the way to the availability of their kids' favourite toys in the shop. Therefore, on the stage of brand re-launch, we made numerous small changes that bore this kind of significance.

We had some issues with the brand's visual component since it wasn't aligned with modern trends, and the respondents did point out that some stations had a ‘fatigued’ look. The brand evidently needed a design overhaul, but its key attributes had to be preserved.


We started with the idea behind the brand. Having found out the attitude people had toward the company through research, we saw that WOG was considered a well-established, friendly chain of petrol stations with a pleasant atmosphere and tasty coffee.

Having compared our attributes with the market and the audience, we saw that WOG required no radical repositioning. It needed was to reinforce and crystallize the associations that it has started evoking over the recent years: positive attitude, great mood, family focus, and friendliness. WOG wanted to be the filling station chain for people and not cars. Thus our platform came to be, as well as the insight that it's people that travel, not cars.

Ідея бренду

Wog — для людей. Для простих українців, які приїжджають на АЗК кілька разів на тиждень. Для тих, хто втомився від агресивних доріг і заторів. Для тих, хто прагне людського ставлення, приємного дружнього сервісу й ненав’язливої турботи. Wog — усе ще «заправка гарного настрою», але, з’явившись у поїздах та аеропортах, компанія вийшла за межі звичного АЗК. Бренд фокусується на тому, що їздять люди, а не машини.

The brand tells the stories about people, their emotions and adventures on the road, where WOG is just a stop on their itinerary, but they want to feel at ease there and get humane treatment.

A better look

The change started with visual identity. We preserved the iconic green colour but opted for a more human-centric and friendly visual style. Also, the design was updated for many brand elements: from cups to petrol tank vehicles.

The interior and exterior of the locations also started to change. Together with our partners, we developed a new look that will become standard for the entire chain. You can check it out on Kyiv's Dniprovska Naberezhna St already.

Honest communication

We decided to launch the new positioning with a series of videos about people on the road. They find themselves in various circumstances, sometimes rather unpleasant, which WOG helps them handle. This how we came up with the slogan: ‘Wherever people are’—which is all about regular, authentic people on the road. And WOG that helps them wherever they are.

A digital activation was launched to reinforce this positioning. Many of us have stories to tell about what happens to us on the road. Some of them are sweet, some weird. We offered people to share theirs. Over a few following months, we got dozens of touching, honest, sometimes adventurous stories from all over Ukraine. We put them on our Map of Good Stories on the website.

In the summer, we enhanced the Wherever People Are message with a nationwide promotion. Quarantine rules were relaxed, and Ukrainians started discovering internal tourism again. To support people in this undertaking, we launched a nationwide motorhome giveaway. After all, this is just the type of transport that makes you feel at home wherever you are.

Once the new positioning, re-design, numerous brand elements, and a nationwide promo were launched, we had one more issue to tackle. Many drivers have no clue about the convenience and benefits of used WOG Pride. We tackled it with a video, in which our clients debated over Pride in everyday life.


We worked with WOG as one team over the past two years, which has resulted in quite a few tactical operational improvements.

For one, we launched Experienza—a feedback system for WOG clients—in thousands of locations all over the country for ongoing improvement of services.

During the first quarantine in spring-summer 2020, we launched an encouraging communication on OOH and social media. Also, personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and signature plain-language instructions on washing hands appeared in WOG locations. They went viral, by the way.

That summer, we developed a brand for WOG's trademark water. We dubbed it ‘Wild tasty’ since it is taken from the springs in Zakarpattia wilderness, and it tastes really great.

We jointly came up with rad ideas for WOG's seasonal communications throughout the year, always aspiring to make them more humane and friendly.

Together, we created a new vision for the development of WOG's coffee endeavour. Its new lineup now includes ten kinds of espresso, but we won't stop at that.


The brand became much more engaging while retaining its essential attributes.


The results of Kantar's brand awareness research conducted after the first campaign exceeded all expectations. We managed to beat our primary competitor in terms of brand awareness, becoming the most desirable filling station chain in Ukraine, preferred by 29% of motorists!


Customers appreciated our communication and operational service solutions. WOG's NPS among customers jumped by almost 50%, exceeding that of the competition, too :)

In fact, we have become a leader when it comes to most filling station quality indicators: fuel, service, appearance, and certainly the taste of our coffeeest coffee.


marketing director — Vitalii Starominskyi

art director — Tanya Sladkaya


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