GUSTO—Ready to serve

The healthy nutrition trend of recent years has brought stigma on the mayo. But we are inclined to disagree. Mayonnaise need not be a guilty pleasure. When Olis reached out to us, they had already had a number of successful nation-wide and regional brands in their portfolio. However, what the company needed was to develop a brand for the European market.


The new brand needed to be competitive in Europe and have an equally successful launch in Ukraine. We developed the brand’s positioning, name, and visual identity as well as designed unique packaging for its entire product range. Meet Gusto (with the last o stressed), a brand that tastes familiar but has a European vibe to it. Did you know that gusto means ‘flavour’ in French? And what is it that adds flavour to our meals? A little mayonnaise or sauce, obviously.


In our TV spots, we compared cooking to masterly drumming. When a skilful housewife is cooking, the chatter of her knife, the clanging of her cooking pots, and the bubbling of water become a music piece in its own right with Gusto as its final chord. And we will make sure to drop a hint that with Gusto everything goes by the playbook.


brand leader — Oleksandr Shumylo
art director — Michael Zvegintsev


co-owner — Sabyna Avdysheva

co-owner — Rostam Avdyshev

marketing director — Ivan Septa