Rozetka is the largest online retailer in the country; but you are probably aware of it anyway. Instead, we are going to tell you what you might not be aware of. Say, Rozetka is the fifth most visited website in Ukraine after Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. This company has got more than three thousand product categories, 3.5 million products on sale, and about 20 million unique users every day (which is literally half the country, isn’t it?).


Rozetka first came to us wanting to determine the focus of its brand and communication, ‘We have been selling so many brands for so many years now that we can no longer define our own brand’. After a dozen studies and a few weeks of analytical work, we realised that updating a strategy would entail the update of not only the communication but also the design. When everything seems to work as it does, it is not so easy to go in for changes. But it's crucial if you think long-term, not just from a flight to a flight.



We have defined a new positioning and could not believe how naturally it entwined in the brand, ‘down to a T’, as they say. Rozetka is a company that makes small and big everyday dreams come true. And this is not as pretentious as it may seem at first. Just listen to yourself. What little thing would make you happier right now? Brand-new Bluetooth headphones with good noise absorption? A portable fan? A big black T-shirt with a waggish inscription on? A polka dot cup and a box of Stozhary candies? (they are here, by the way). These are not big and serious dreams for years; these are ordinary little everyday dreams. Rozetka is here to make them come true.

Design system

We also decided not to revolutionise the design system, because it could cost the company too much: to lose the logo that had been fully recognisable for eighteen years would be unacceptable. So, we updated the logo, adjusted the design system, and then tackled together with our customer the signboards, banners, content, promotions, holders, wobblers, pointers, minibuses, and a billion other online and offline brand elements.



As for the communication, we cut loose: Rozetka was constantly on the air, so we provided creative ideas for a new campaign every two months. But that’s another story, so stay tuned!

No need to thank us

Autumn 2018

Who is behind a package with a new dress?

Who will bring you the most beautiful laptop in the world?

̶W̶h̶o̶ ̶f̶r̶a̶m̶e̶d̶ ̶R̶o̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶R̶a̶b̶b̶i̶t̶?̶©̶

Who will deliver all the decor for the birthday party along with a gift?

You know the name of this humble hero. Whether it be the heat, the storm, the hurricane, the last episode of your favourite TV show, whatever, Rozetka makes your dreams come true whenever you need it.

You knew it, didn't you?

December 2018 – January 2019

It’s pleasant to know you've chosen the right gift. When you have chosen the right gift by choosing Rozetka, it’s also pleasant for four thousand Rozetka employees to know it. And when you made a gift to yourself in January, you definitely chose the right gift ;)

On New Year’s Eve, almost every Ukrainian can name the Chinese Zodiac animal of the incoming year. We've failed to find a direct correlation between the Ukrainians and the Chinese beliefs but still had a look just in case. We found out it was going to be the year of the Pig!

We immediately knew who would become the hero of the New Year’s sticker pack: Rozetka + the Year of the Pig = Electric Hog! So we drew a charismatic hog, adding a bit of typical New Year insights.

If you give the right gifts, everything will be all right

February – March 2019

There is a because-of love, and there is an in-spite-of love. Whatever your love may be, don’t forget to appreciate your loved ones and show them your love and support (and selective blindness when it comes to her favourite ficuses or his socks everywhere). We have come up with and filmed two love stories for the spring holidays about people who know how to show their love.

Anything you can imagine

Spring and autumn 2019

If you had your own motion designer, composer and sound supervisor, copywriter and speaker, strategist and art director, and plenty of time and inspiration, you could arrange this kind of category campaign yourself. And that is how we did it to remind you how many great things are available on Rozetka.

As many as you want

Spring – Summer 2019

Every girl has to break a racket at least once in her life, as well as try out all face masks; go for a dress and buy a purse, a jacket, earrings, two headbands, and a scarf for her mother; use the bike as a hanger, as transport, and as an excuse for getting acquainted. Every man has to test all the air conditioners, roast the barbecue, select a baby stroller, and amass a collection of sneakers. If you have always felt that Rozetka is all about electronics, it was nothing more than just a feeling.

Ready for school!

Summer and autumn 2019

To relieve the stress that hits parents every summer, before the start of the new school season, Rozetka collected everything they needed — from backpacks to the prettiest school uniform — and we created a new campaign about it. We invited singer Jerry Heil to become the voice of happy moms, and turn the chorus “Okhrana otmiena” (which means cancellation of a purchase at a cashier desk) into the slogan of all carefree parents.

Cure for Fear of Missing Out

November 2019

There is an old saying, proven by years of shopping evolution: ‘While you’re scrupling to buy on Black Friday, all the sweetest discounts go to others’. To make sure that everyone satisfies their sweet tooth this November, Rozetka offers a bunch of discounts. So, either go to right now, or imagine others making all the juicy purchases you’ve been dreaming of, and then go to anyway.

They Did It Again

December 2019 – January 2020

We’ll tell it straight off: Rozetka holds its office New Year party in March. Because in December, January, and February, everyone at Rozetka works to ensure that the customers receive their orders as soon as possible, so they can give them in time! That is why for the second year in a row we have been shooting the New Year’s communication about them—people who pack, transport, call customers, and deliver gifts. And, of course, rejoice when everything goes right ;-)

This is the greatest gift of all.

And you can buy it on rozetka

February – March 2020

We all know that the most precious gift in the world is attention. The only question is, how many megapixels it has and whether this attention can capture HD vacation videos. Or maybe this attention can instantly make gorgeous curls? Or does it match your eyes?

Rozetka offers you thousands of gift options for every taste. To remind you of this variety before the spring holidays, we created the ad campaign about happy recipients and inspired gift givers in the ideal environment of the most luxurious decorations of family photo studios.

Here’s a secret known only to passionate marketers and us: when it comes to spring holidays there're no more active present givers and festive atmosphere makers than women.

To help them never run out of ideas, we made a gentle reminder: whenever you're looking for something special, Rozetka is always at hand with a whole lot of rad gift options.


February 2020 – now

Way before the quarantine, we sensed something with our marketing third eye. So we told our designers to set up an in-house library of 3D product visualizations and then we shoot a videobank. And now we can remind you about the diversity of product categories featured on Rozetka safely during quaratine.

Summer vibes

July 2020

Summer is a season of overseas vacations and home renovations, because, hey, when else, if not in summer, and what else, if not the overseas vacations? Right. All the things we could enjoy while staying at home. For all those summer renovators, we have launched a hot home improvement micro campaign so that they know where to go for the right vibes (spoiler alert: it's Rozetka).

Catching the summer vibes on Instagram.

Surfing toward the dream of renovation.